My understanding:
I have heard of desire2learn through using this program through my online class at Lansing Community College. It is a software that is used by many different universities to help engaged students in learning in many different aspects. It is a site that any professor or teacher can incorporate in their classroom by creating it online, so students can work on the assignments at their own pace and choose the location that they want to do it. It is a very easy program to use because it is very basic on areas you need to click on. It allows students to complete their assignments, participate in group discussions, allow them to see courses they are taking, and many other options. From working on desire2learn over the summer I thought it was a beneficial program that seemed to work to allow students complete there assignments and knew where to find all the information that I needed.

Educational Examples:
- Online discussion
- Complete big assignments
- Online reading
- Communication through email with students
- Post up coming events

Video Examples:
Overview of D2L

Overview for Students

Overview for Teachers

Additional Information: