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Cloud Computing is an Internet-based storage service. The "cloud" represents the Internet. Simply put, you upload content to this Internet-based storage service and then you are able to download the content onto other computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. Accessing data and software from anywhere is possible because content is on the web. The Cloud gives you the ability to access, analyze, store and share information. An advantage of cloud computing is the software upgrades that automatically update your software and apps stored in your Cloud. In the Cloud, servers are maintained and upgraded automatically by a provider like Amazon, Microsoft or Google, so you always have the latest and greatest. There is no more having to upgrade, troubleshoot and fix in-house servers.

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Educational Example:
From an education standpoint, there are several user-friendly benefits to using the Cloud. The Cloud is continually and automatically backing up content. The benefit is that data can be retrieved even if a computer crashes. School districts don't have to worry about losing or deleting important information. Educators and students can store several different types of content: eBooks, music, photos, documents, etc. Educational users can then access this data stored in the cloud from most devices, including phones and tablets. This effectively opens the door for communication among administrators, teachers, and students. The Cloud allows multiple users to work on and edit documents at the same time. With this feature, teachers can engage in collaborative lesson planning and students can participate in group projects. Through the Cloud, students can access homework assignments, lesson notes, and other material online. This saves teachers and school districts time and money, no longer printing and copying as many documents or lesson plans. Teachers can post assignments online with the Cloud for students to access, complete, and save in a folder. This method allows teachers to maximize instruction time in the classroom, skipping the shuffling of papers back and forth. Cloud Computing can be extremely beneficial for all involved in the educational system!

Cloud Computing in Education:

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