Classroom Response Systems

My understanding of this topic:
Classroom response systems are the "clickers" we use in our class. There is much more to the system than simply plugging in the correct answer on these "clickers", though. Classroom response systems, also called student, personal, or audience response systems is hardware and software that aides teaching instruction or activities in the classroom. The teacher (or student, in our case with Dr. Rubio) formulates questions (see types of questions below) for the students to respond to that are projected on a screen. The students "send in" their responses through a receiver by clicking the right answer on their answer pads (clickers). The teacher can then view the responses in a bar graph form that shows which percent of the classroom clicked which answer. He/she can also show which answer was right or wrong on this bar graph so that the students are aware. This is a great resource to use for informal (or formal) assessments throughout a lesson. The teacher can access the information gained and kept by the software to change or influence their instructional procedure. For example, if students do not do well with questions formulated around the topic or content just taught, the teacher could know to re-teach the material before moving on.

Types of questions that can be used with this system:
  • Recall Questions
  • Conceptual Understanding Questions
  • Application Questions
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Student Perspective Questions
  • Confidence Level Questions
  • Monitoring Questions
  • Classroom Experiments

Types of activities that could be used with this system:
  • Attendance Summative
  • Assessment Formative
  • Assessment Homework
  • Collection Discussion
  • Warm-Up
  • Contingent Teaching
  • Peer Instruction
  • Repeated Questions
  • Question-Driven Instruction

Educational example of this topic:
Click here for a mathQuest example of using the Classroom response system.

Media support:
What this video below to learn more about how the Classroom Response System is used in the classroom!

Learn more here:
This wonderful website is full of useful information about the Classroom Response System. It includes:
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  • Teaching with CRS: Why use a CRS?
  • Challenges in using a CRS
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