Understanding the topic:
Bluetooth is a technology that is wireless. Information is exchanged through short distances using short-wavelength UHF radio waves. The information travels from mobile devices, as well as through personal are networks (PANS). It was invented in 1994 by a telecom vendor, Ericsson. The short range through which Bluetooth can travel is based on transceiver microchips in each device. The devices that use Bluetooth do not have to be in visual line of sight of each other, but a wireless path must be available. The range that the Bluetooth works through depends on material coverage, antenna configurations, and battery conditions. Bluetooth can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously through a technique called spread-spectrum frequency hopping. It makes it rare for more than one device to be transmitting the same frequency required for Bluetooth at the same time. Bluetooth makes it easier and more convenient to exchange information, rather than needed to connect all the devices with which you want to share or show something to.

Educational example:
eBeam Edge

eBeam Edge Wireless is the technology example that is going to be described using Bluetooth in education. There are many other ways that Bluetooth is being included in the classroom, but eBeam Edge is a practical and rather inexpensive way that it can happen. It is an interactive whiteboard system, similar to a Smart Board. It works with any flat surface, and can be used to create an interactive surface where teachers or students can manipulate and edit files, websites, and applications with an interactive stylus. It works with digital projectors and displays and is small and easy to carry. It uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to connect to a flashdrive that you connect to your computer. You are then able to project anything and click on it using a Bluetooth stylus or marker that works like a mouse. It is much like the Smart Board but much more portable and more reasonably priced.

Media example:

This media example explains eBeam for education and gives great demonstrations and examples to understand exactly what it is more clearly.

This is a video that explains and demonstrates what Bluetooth is.

More information:

This site explains in great detail how Bluetooth works

This is the official site where you can see all of eBeam's products, specifically the eBeam Edge.

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